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[Powderworks] oils news

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Mon, 09 Jun 2003 00:03:46 -0500

>I think that if the remainders could find another singer (female) I think 
>that would work very well

I'd be glad to take the position!! :)  If they can wait a year and a half 
I'll be in Aus then and would be more than willing to sing with them!  
Ok...well maybe that's just a bit of pipe dreams...it's a nice thought 


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From: Erin Oneill <Erin.Oneill@newcastle.edu.au>
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Subject: [Powderworks] oils news
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 12:23:54 +1000

The bald one  recieved a Queens birthday honour thing today (AM, Member of 
the general division: Peter Robert GARRETT, Mittagong NSW. Service to the 
community and the music industry).  I note that he hasn't said no to it on 
principle (as did Paul Keating a few years ago...).

There was a review of Rob's book by Iain Shedden in the Australian (can't 
find it on the website).  It was quite negative and effectively said that it 
was too fragmented in its approach.  It skipped across the surface of issues 
and did not delve deely enough into any one thing to be satisfying.  More or 
less saying that as a novelist Rob makes a very good drummer.  I can't 
remember who on the list wrote similar comments, but it was someone who 
wrote one of the first reviews of the book.  Iain shedden is also a drummer 
and has written reviews for Oils albums as well as ghosties (fibromoon) for 
the Australian.  He has always been honest in his appraisal of the efforts 
of the band.

As for the departure of Pete... for a long time I have suspected that there 
were significant tensions between rob and pete... certainly at the anu bar 
gig last year, pete had a go at french philosophy (which might have pissed 
rob off).  In many ways those two are like chalk and chese.  I think that 
Pete walking out just when they had such a strong album t promote and when 
there were so many european fans wanting to see them was a bit stupid and 
selfish (I am assuming that there was no family crisis or health problems) 
and it's a fair bet to say that Rob would have been really pissed off at 
that.  Through other people I have been informed that pete could be a bit 
precious  - they were certainly not impressed with his behaviour in their 
dealings with him.  I suspect he was starting to believe his own press a bit 
too much.  Of all the people in the band, Pete is the one I like least - he 
assumes too much and musically he is the least talented. -  a showman, not a 
musician (but hey, they were great gigs and the music will live on for some 
time to come...!!!).  I think that if the remainders could find another 
singer (female) I think that would work very well, although they shouldn't 
call themselves the remainders as that forever defines them as leftovers of 
midnight oil rather than being a new band producing music in its own name.

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