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[Powderworks] future??

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i also have to agree that rob seems bitter - or maybe annoyed - with peter,
but i don't think it's just about music credits.

i wonder if in general, pete was separating from the group, creating
resentment among the members. i can recall a few times after shows last year
when the band members would graciously mingle with fans for a few minutes,
only for peter to be constantly MIA. one of those times, i recall rob
rolling his eyes when he asked where peter was and someone mentioned that he
had left.  in my perception, i found pete to be the least friendly and warm
of the band members. i wonder if rob and the guys sensed that too.
(obviously they really know peter and i don't, so who am i to have such an
opinion, but anyway...).


on 6/5/03 11:07 PM, rick at rickysan@speedlink.com.au wrote:

> I'd have to agree with that too.
> I've been particularly interested how Rob has said a few times that
> "the songwriters are still in the band".
> I think that over the years Pete has had more songwriting credits than
> Rob.Maybe Rob is referring to the fact that Pete hasn't written any of the
> music???I don't know.
> Whenever i saw Pete's name on a song i pretty much assumed that he
> wrote the bulk of the lyrics and Jim and Rob came up with the music and
> maybe the chorus.
> I've always wondered that about songwriting credits.How much do you
> have to contribute to get a credit? 1 line,3 lines, a verse?
> For example,i've always wondered if when a songwriter brings a song
> to his band,does he have the bass lines and the drum beat worked out too.I
> guess it varies, but sometimes the bass or the drums can be the main hook of
> the song and i sometimes think if that bassist or drummer came up with that
> themselves then their name should be on the song.
> I'm not sure if Rob's bitter about Pete leaving or it's because
> he is aware of the fact that, to some ignorant people, Midnight Oil *IS*
> Peter Garrett and he is probably trying to dispel that myth.
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>> Does it seem that Rob is, how to say, less than
>> pleased with Pete's departure from the band.  I don't
>> have anything to base it on except for trying to read
>> between the lines of Rob's various interviews from his
>> book tour that he kind of resents the fact that
>> everyone seems to assume that PG WAS the band and that
>> since he split, that the band would die.  Also he
>> seems to be very loud about reminding us that the
>> *music* talent hasn't gone anywhere.  Makes me wonder
>> if he and PG may have had a falling out?
>> Just wondering.
>> Randy
>> --- sweetapj@bellsouth.net wrote:
>>> Got this from Tom Spencer, who is temporarily
>>> unsubscribed due to exams!
>>>> Brisbane News   4/6/03, p.24
>>>> In an interesting interview with Rob re: his book
>>>> (which I won't transcribe in full due to exam
>>>> pressures) :
>>>> .For fans of Midnight Oil, however, the news isn't
>>> all
>>>> bad. They may have lost one of rock's most
>>> charismatic
>>>> and recognisable frontmen in Peter Garrett, but
>>> the
>>>> other band members plan to record together again.
>>>> It will be under a different name, with bass
>>> player
>>>> Bones Hillman on vocals, and the guys haven't even
>>>> decided what sort of music it will be, or whether
>>>> they'll tour. The only definite is that the band
>>> will
>>>> live on.
>>>> 'I'm going to get together with Jim, Martin
>>> (Rotsey)
>>>> and Bones in the next few weeks and start working
>>>> towards some new songs', Rob says.
>>>> 'The singers are still in Midnight Oil, we've
>>> still
>>>> got strong vocalists, and the songwriters are
>>> still in
>>>> Midnight Oil, and we've got this shared history.
>>> I'm
>>>> looking forward to doing that.'
>>>> The political issues that defined Midnight Oil
>>> will
>>>> also still have a strong presence. Rob says those
>>>> issues have never been more important to him, and
>>>> expressing his opinions through music has always
>>> been
>>>> his way.
>>>> 'We've always just made our music and put it out
>>> there
>>>> and joined the chorus of disapproval'.
>>> Thanks to Tom in Brissie!!
>>> Jill in Atlant
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