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[Powderworks] Pete & his efforts to remain inconspicuous!!! LOL

Jo Daley joeydaley@hotmail.com
Fri, 06 Jun 2003 18:38:26 +1000

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<P>My sister discovered this absolute gem in the current issue of HQ mag (with Deborah Mailman on the cover) and read it out to me over the phone. Love it!</P>
<P>By Darren Hanlon, Sydney based musician.</P>
<P>"Before arriving in Sweden to play a couple of show, I had to type a few answers for an online interview to promote my impending arrival. One of the questions read 'Have you ever met the bald member of Midnight&nbsp;Oil&nbsp;?'</P>
<P>Coincidentally I had in fact passed Peter Garrett on a walking trail in the Blue Mountains a few weeks before leaving for an overseas tour. I told them this and added that 'At first I didn't recognise himn as he was wearing a beanie.'</P>
<P>Things do get lost in translation or in my case completely misunderstood. On arrival, a Swedish friend of mine translated my answers from the magazine my interview had been published in. It read "Yes, I have in fact met the 'Bald Oil' but at first didn't recognise him as he was wearing a pirate costume."</P>
<DIV><FONT face="Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif" color=#cc0000>"On the fields and farms of England, on the airstrips of the desert and the jungle, in the hangars of the Persian Gulf and on the tarmacs of the southern islands, I have walked and talked with God."</FONT></DIV>
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