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[Powderworks] more on "Now See Hear"

Bart bart@vliegt.nl
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 21:10:11 +0100

Cindy Lauper also do "now see hear".  You can see on chaosmusic
http://www.chaosmusic.com/shop/product.asp?productID=848003 which songs are
on the cd and the dvd.

It seems to me that it is just a ordinairy "best of" compilation.  So you
can expect on the MO "now see hear" : beds are burning, blue sky mine and
defenitly no rareties or capitol/goat at all.  Otherwise i am sure they
would mention it on there site.

I hope i am very wrong................


> Hi All,
> Silverchair has the same CD/DVD  listed, same title, same format and same
> release date...hmmmmmm......
> Cheers,
> KW
> >I found it listed on Whammo, Chaos and Sanity.  There isn't any info as
> >far as content, but it is a box set including a DVD and a "bonus" CD.
> >I'm still guessing it's the Capitol Theater/Goat Island shows.
> >
> >Mike