Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] What got you started?

sweetapj@bellsouth.net sweetapj@bellsouth.net
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 17:34:50 -0400

Hello all.  

> up very, very late and MTV was on in the background and Beds came on 
> and this guy I had a huge, huge crush on stopped the conversation to 
> say how cool he thought this lead singer was -- this huge, bald guy 
> just dancing like mad in the desert.  This is hilarious, because I got my first Oils cassette for the same reason!  I had a crush on a guy I was working with and he came in one day saying that he couldn't get The Dead Heart out of his head.  So I had to find out all about it.  I do remember seeing the video for Power and the Passion though.  Then I saw it much later and could remember loving it the first time I saw it.
But I have to say that Outbreak of Love is the song that threw me over the edge once and for all.
I saw them for WOMAD in 93 or 94 but remember next to nothing.  Finally saw them here in Atlanta at Earthlink, clinging to the stage in wonder!

Jill in Atlanta