Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] lurkers unite

sebastian balcombe sbalcombe@agelessfoundation.com
Sat, 31 May 2003 23:26:28 -0400

Awesome story Gerry very enjoyable to read. I knew I wasn't out in left
field by saying most people got into the oils initially because of Pete, I
guess I should have just stated it differently. I can closely relate to your
story since I to got into them when I was in 4th grade which is around age
10. Beds was the first song I heard of theirs on MTV and I was absolutely
blown away. The second I heard   out where the river I was sold. Pete's
voice was shockingly different from what I was hearing in that time period
like motley crew, poison, Cindy lauper well you get the idea. I was too
young I think to appreciate the drumming, harmonies or guitar work, it was
Pete's voice the grabbed me. I know if I had heard his voice against any
music I would have blown away. Only until I went and bought diesel did I
than get into all the other aspects of the band. I think had I been older I
might have appreciated the rest of the band more. Never the less I'm proud
to say my favorite band in 4th grade is still mine today and not because of
nostalgic reasons. They in my opinion are the most satisfying band to listen
to on so many levels. Hope to hear form more lurkers