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[Powderworks] New oils book?

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Well I have been itching to read a Garrett biography so all I can say is: it's about time!

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> Subject: [Powderworks] New oils book?
> Hi all,
> This snippet was in the Review section of The Age newspaper (Melbourne)
> yesterday:
> The Good Oil.
> Drummer Rob Hirst has already published his book about being on the road
> with Midnight Oil - Willie's Bar and Grill - with Picador, but that
> hasn't stopped Penguin getting in on the act in a big way. The word
> doing the rounds of publishing circles is that the Camberwell-based bird
> has splashed out $190,000 on a volume that will be part bandography and
> part biography of singer and conservationist extraordinaire Peter
> Garrett. Who is getting the big bucks? One Mark Dodshon, an old friend
> of the bald one and, according to one source, probably the only person
> the band would have collectively allowed to hang around with them for
> all the necessary time. penguin managing director designate Grabrielle
> Coyne commented succinctly: "I will never disclose the advance we pay
> any of our authors"
> Cheers
> James
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