Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] New oils book?

James Fitzsimons ranger@alphalink.com.au
Sun, 20 Jul 2003 10:08:50 +1000

Hi all,

This snippet was in the Review section of The Age newspaper (Melbourne)

The Good Oil.

Drummer Rob Hirst has already published his book about being on the road
with Midnight Oil - Willie's Bar and Grill - with Picador, but that
hasn't stopped Penguin getting in on the act in a big way. The word
doing the rounds of publishing circles is that the Camberwell-based bird
has splashed out $190,000 on a volume that will be part bandography and
part biography of singer and conservationist extraordinaire Peter
Garrett. Who is getting the big bucks? One Mark Dodshon, an old friend
of the bald one and, according to one source, probably the only person
the band would have collectively allowed to hang around with them for
all the necessary time. penguin managing director designate Grabrielle
Coyne commented succinctly: "I will never disclose the advance we pay
any of our authors"