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[Powderworks] NMOC kitten names

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking@hotmail.com
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:04:41 -0500

Hey Brigitte,

These are what just popped into my head:

Ned and Kelly...because I'm obsessed with the song If Ned Kelly Was King
Ben and Jerry...because I am an ice cream fiend!!

Well...maybe those aren't entirely serious, but to tell you the truth I 
absolutely LOVE Diesel and Dust and if I had two sibling kittens I would 
name them that in a second!! :)  Plus...how many times do you actually call 
for cats like you do dogs?  I know I don't call for my cats to come to me, 
so I don't think yelling "Dust!! Dust!!" would be too much of an issue.  
Diesel and Dust is perfect in my opinion and it sounds cute too! :)

So another question comes to mind...Do many of you Powdies actually have 
pets named after the Oils?  I guess that would be where Rob gets off on 
calling Powderworkers scary...right? ;)  My family has a cat named 
Mick...it's sort of because of an Irish thing, but my dad likes to think 
it's for Mick Jagger.


Every cry is a song
Every song is a prayer
Every prayer must be heard
To fill the air
           -Hothouse Flowers

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Subject: [Powderworks] NMOC kitten names
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 7:39:16 -0400

All right creative people, try this one:

I've got a pair of new kittens, brothers, white and striped (one grey, one 
tan) and I've got to name them.  For the first time in my life I'm stumped!! 
My older cat is called Circe. I can't decide what to name these guys. It 
needs to be short, evocative and aesthetically pleasing.

I wanted to call them Diego and Frieda but they're both males. I thought of 
oily names, like Diesel and Dust (doesnít sound good, try calling Dust! 
Dust!), Truganini and Namatjira (too long). I once called a cat Tom Bombadil 
so Tolkien is out. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although appropriate in 
devastation are too disrespectful.  Charybdis and Scylla are not exactly 
easy to call. Iím ready for a little help from my friends. Places in Oz? 
Oily references?  Mythology? Foreign names? Authors? Famous brothers?
Looking forward to your suggestion on this critical issue.


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