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[Powderworks] NMOC kitten names

Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:32:08 -0400

I adopted a brother and sister pair of cats about four years ago, and 
waited for their names to arrive after a period of observation.  This was a 
bit easier since they were already almost ten months old at the time.  For 
me this is a family tradition.

The boy cat settled in immediately and began slapshotting milk jug lids 
around the dining room in twenty minute sessions with rest breaks.  By the 
end of the third my husband tagged him "Mario LeMiaow", famous cat hockey 
player. (for those who don't know puck, Mario Lemieux is the legendary 
hockey player who survived lymphoma at the height of his career and 
eventually recovered to return and kick serious tail well into his 40s for 
the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Canadian Olympic Team).

The girl cat, in her settling-in behavior, felt compelled to occupy the 
highest possible space in any room she was in.  An agile leaper, she even 
tried for the curtain rods!  These reckless feats of aviation by a female 
living in this neighborhood did not go unnoticed.  She has been known as 
"Amelia Aercatt" ever since. (The real Amelia Earhart lived in our 
neighborhood for a couple of years - the library in my sons' new school is 
named for her sister Muriel, a prominent local educator who died a couple 
of years ago).

The names sound long, but are usually shortened to just their first names 
unless they are in trouble.  Mario and Amelia also go quite well together 
as a pair of names for two very different cats. (they were code named 
Jingle and Jangle at the shelter ... yuck).

So I would say the best route is to study them and see what sorts of quirks 
and habits they have.  Like all "twins" they are individuals and deserve 
their own identities.  Their names will show up eventually.  Relax, enjoy, 
interact, observe ...

At 07:39 AM 7/18/03 -0400, bmounier@sympatico.ca wrote:
>All right creative people, try this one:
>I've got a pair of new kittens, brothers, white and striped (one grey, one 
>tan) and I've got to name them.  For the first time in my life I'm 
>stumped!! My older cat is called Circe. I can't decide what to name these 
>guys. It needs to be short, evocative and aesthetically pleasing.
>I wanted to call them Diego and Frieda but they're both males. I thought 
>of oily names, like Diesel and Dust (doesn't sound good, try calling Dust! 
>Dust!), Truganini and Namatjira (too long). I once called a cat Tom 
>Bombadil so Tolkien is out. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, although appropriate 
>in devastation are too disrespectful.  Charybdis and Scylla are not 
>exactly easy to call. I'm ready for a little help from my friends. Places 
>in Oz? Oily references?  Mythology? Foreign names? Authors? Famous brothers?
>Looking forward to your suggestion on this critical issue.
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