Midnight Oil

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Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
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*sound of foot impatiently tapping & fingernails being gnawed*

We North Americans expect a full report one femtosecond after the event!
(femtosecond = 1 x 10E-15 second; my advisor used to say it was called
that because that was how long it took a woman to change her mind.) 

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  Hi Powderpeople,

                                   Just letting all you Aus people know
  should watch the Shaun Micallef Show on channel 9 Monday night.
  I'm not telling you why, just that it will be worth it...


  p.s. as far as an oils tour goes maybe Pete might do a solo tour
          with him and his harmonica and then be joined for the encore
          by the Yarrville Mouth Organ Club (it will be a sell out!).

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