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[Powderworks] Farewell??

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I have just read with great interest what you have written, and I can
honestly see where your coming from, and agree with a lot of what you
say. However maybe it's the selfish side of me coming out, but I can't
help but get excited about the prospect of possibly seeing the Oils
again, maybe one last time. My wife has given me permission to travel
anywhere in the country to see them perform if they play again. One of
the most disappointing things about the break up for me personally is I
didn't get to say goodbye and thanks in my own mind, to have that
opportunity would be fantastic.

I agree with you about what some people might say, I knew they wouldn't
split or they're just cashing in, and about the one-off fans, but hey,
who cares what some people may think or say? I think it would be
fantastic for people, whether diehard fans or fans from a bygone era to
see them tour again, for one last time. And in a way, why shouldn't they
cash in? I would never begrudge them one cent of any money they have
made from their music, I think they deserve everything and a whole lot

Maybe I just can't help but be selfish. But then if they don't tour as
the Oils ever again, I suppose I'll be fine. Really it's whatever they
wish and decide to do, just like you said Jeff. I'll wait and see, but
if they do play again I'll be in the front of the queue buying tickets,
I can guarantee that (that's the selfish part of me speaking out again).


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hi all,

ok, i can't believe i'm writing this, but here goes.

regardless (in a way) of what pete wants, and regardless of what we want
(boooo-friggen-hooooooo-hooo-hoooo) i think the wishes of the remainder
men are paramount, and i can't help hoping that they will never tour
again as the oils if pete is with them or not.  i don't think many of
us, nor them, could stand it hearing people constantly say, we KNEW they
wouldn't split - they're just doing it to cash in one last time...

i hope they tour as the remainder men, and if pete wants to join them on
stage in a few states for a few tooooons, then that would just be
heavenly.  it would give those who really love the energy that comes
from our fave band another (and on-going) chance to see them, without it
being a big death knell for an entity that the fellas bangin' the bongos
and strummin' the strings and dealin' the deals really love.  and this
would have the added "benefit" of not having the one-off (oh
maaaaaaaaaaaate - we-gotta-see-the-oils-before-they-go type) crowd
spoiling their experience and ours.

i hope this doesn't sound exclusionist, and if it's not what the
remainder men want, then so be it.  in the end, they're entitled to
whatever they want.

cheers folks,
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