Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Farewell??

jeffm@jeack.com.au jeffm@jeack.com.au
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 12:19:19 -1000

hi all,

ok, i can't believe i'm writing this, but here goes.

regardless (in a way) of what pete wants, and regardless of what we want
(boooo-friggen-hooooooo-hooo-hoooo) i think the wishes of the remainder men
are paramount, and i can't help hoping that they will never tour again as
the oils if pete is with them or not.  i don't think many of us, nor them,
could stand it hearing people constantly say, we KNEW they wouldn't split -
they're just doing it to cash in one last time...

i hope they tour as the remainder men, and if pete wants to join them on
stage in a few states for a few tooooons, then that would just be heavenly.
 it would give those who really love the energy that comes from our fave
band another (and on-going) chance to see them, without it being a big
death knell for an entity that the fellas bangin' the bongos and strummin'
the strings and dealin' the deals really love.  and this would have the
added "benefit" of not having the one-off (oh maaaaaaaaaaaate -
we-gotta-see-the-oils-before-they-go type) crowd spoiling their experience
and ours.

i hope this doesn't sound exclusionist, and if it's not what the remainder
men want, then so be it.  in the end, they're entitled to whatever they

cheers folks,