Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Midnight Oil CD weeds: Seattle 6-25-90, Portland 9-24-93, Santa Clara 3-22-02

Jay Montgomery showdog25@hotmail.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 00:15:35 -0500

Im offering to re-weed these three shows.  Seattle and Portland are complete 
shows on two CDs, Santa Clara is a single CD - just the part that was aired 
on the radio in San Francisco.

The person who copied these for me informed me that there did not appear to 
be much interest when he offered to weed them to the list.  With that in 
mind, I will not limit the number of people I will copy for unless I receive 
more requests than I anticipate.  Also I will not put a time limit on this, 
again unless I am swamped with more requests than I can handle.

I will try to reply to everyone personally so that we can work something out 
- You promise to re-weed if you are able, blanks and postage (for US people) 
if you are not, and Ill try to figure out something for people not in North 
America.  If I don't reply to you, someone else will offer to re-weed, so 
keep watching the list and better luck next time.

Please reply to Showdog25@hotmail.com if you are interested.  Replies to the 
list will not be considered...as I am on the digest version I will most 
likely scan through the digest and promptly delete it.  Also please put 
something in your subject line more specific than "Hi" or "Replying to your 
message" - if I don't recognize your e-mail address I will most likely 
delete anything resembling junk mail without reading it.

Have fun.

Jay Montgomery

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