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[Powderworks] Show Cover Art?

Peter Scott Poitras pete.poitras@the-spa.com
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 18:28:26 -0500

Hi Michael and all.

The best repositories of cover art and general Oils art in general that I
know of are the domain of Jeff Scott in AUS.  The address for his bootleg
art is at: http://jtl.cjb.net/ , and his general Oil pics archive is at:
http://oilpics.cjb.net/ .


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> Greetings Again all!
> I want to thank all of the people who offered to help me get the shows I
> looking for! Once I have received the discs I will have a sign-up for
> the "Essential Oils" tree.
> In order to make things nice and neat I have been searching the net to
> cover art for these shows. It was my hope to place all the cover art in an
> eaisly accesible place for people to download. I am finding a few (One
> One there - thanks to the google search engine) but I am not finding many.
> Does anyone know of a repository for MO Boots cover art? or places where I
> likely to find several shows worth of cover art?
> Thanks
> Michael
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