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[Powderworks] [NMOC] Canberra fires.

Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 12:44:35 -0500

Prayers for rain and for the diversion of the red waves from people coming 
from this coast of the US too ... If only I could send you some of this 
bone-breaking cold and piled up snow to slow things down.

My family fled a firestorm in Eastern Oregon when I was five ... our home 
was spared, but the neighborhood three blocks beyond was burned beyond 
recognition, rubble tossed, trees tumbled and streets melted into the 
ground.  I well remember the day before we fled - darkening skies, cinder 
rain, choking smoke, and the glowing red blobs moving into the valley at 
night.  I get the alkali sting of yellowed clouds of air-dropped borate in 
my nose just thinking about it.  I think this is where I learned a lifelong 
respect for the awesome power of nature encompassing the human sphere as 
well as a sense of nature out-of-balance (not to mention enduring 

Canberra workers and your neighbors and families, I wish you all the best 
luck and weather and safety in this terrifying time.


At 12:05 AM 1/19/03 -0800, C-ko Linde wrote:
>Hey Canberra people, I hope you're all safe, secure and sound. I heard about
>the fires here in Seattle, and they look really out of control.
>Take care and my thoughts are with you,
>C-ko in the other WA
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