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Beth Curran bcurran@columbus.rr.com
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I would have thought that RS would have at least had a page-length
article. Maybe they will once the members come out of hibernation.   I
wonder which mag will score the first proper interview?  No doubt it'll
be an Oz-based publication!  I hope it's soon cause I'm dying to hear
about H/M/R/H plans - Beth

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In the current American edition of Rolling Stone where
it's all about the music (the one with the shirtless
Justin Timberlake on the cover), the following appears
buried at the bottom of page 20 in their "In Other
News" section: "Peter Garrett has left Midnight Oil
after twenty-six years to be a full-time environmental
activist.  The remaining band members will continue
recording together under a different name."  This
in-depth coverage was surrounded by stories about
Jay-Z releasing his own line of sneakers, a Pittsburgh
man who was imprisoned for impersonating Will Smith,
and Britney Spears asking for a restraining order
against an alleged stalker.  

Sadly, this is completely true.   

--- rick <rickysan@speedlink.com.au> wrote:
>        Does anyone know if Rolling Stone or Juice
> magazine had some sort of Oils tribute in either
> their Dec. or Jan. issue?
>          If not,it's a disgrace.
>                    Rick

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