Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] * trading shows on Direct Connect

bolamix bolamix@vtxnet.ch
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 22:43:27 +0100

Hi all,
I'm a newcomer on the list, although not in Midnight Oil appreciation. 
Their songs first touched me 15 years or so ago (I'm 30), but I 
rediscovered them for real recently, through........ a Direct Connect hub. 
I was browsing someone's shared files (opportunity for a clear-up: other 
users see ONLY what you allow them to see) and happened upon an acoustic 
set by the Oils.... I was hooked again. But... I am, let's say, financially 
challenged, and cannot afford to buy many blanks or a big hard drive 
(current size of mine: 2.5 Gb). What's more, my stereo system (or my 
hearing) is not good enough for me to hear a difference between correctly 
encoded mp3 (upwards of 192 Kbps) and cds burned from shn files. For these 
reasons, I've tried to find Oil shows in mp3, with little success, for the 
reasons Eric and Brett mentionned.
But I'm willing to settle for lower quality, if more people are interested 
in sharing via a hub. I'm currently on a couple of hubs, both 
french-speaking (I'm in Switzerland) and friendly, but it wouldn't hurt to 
be on a third, as I have a fast connection. I can also invite people to 
where I lurk online, but... people speak french there. Anyway, I only have 
3 or 4 Oils shows in mp3 to share, but shows by other bands and artists too 
(I do not download official albums if i can help it).
All the best,

PS: btw, an alternative to NeoModus's DirectConnect client is DC++, 
available at http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net It's lighter, more 
bandwidth-efficient, and released as Open Source. Just my 2-cent ;-)