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[Powderworks] * trading shows on Direct Connect

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Wed, 26 Feb 2003 22:47:30 -0600

I for one do not like Direct Connect because

1. I am very against trading MP3s because they degrade the sound quality
unlike SHNs or audio files
2. Direct Connect requires, if I remember correctly from when I tried it six
months ago, that I give access to my hard drive if I want to download from
somewhere else and I won't ever do that.

I, of course, am in no way putting Brett down for his preferences and I do
believe "to each their own".  However, when it comes to me, I will not be
trading any of the shows from trees I have done in the past, via MP3 and/or
Direct Connect, or for that matter the trees I expect to do in the future in
order to spread the good tunes out to those interested in hearing them.  I
would hope that anybody who trades Oils shows in the MP3 format will alway
clearly identify them as such and not allow audio files (WAVs) derived from
MP3s to enter the trading world without properly identifying them as such.

I hope you do find some folks with similar preferences Brett.  It just won't
be me for one.


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> Would anyone be interested in meeting on one of the
> bootleg trading hubs on Direct Connect?  I haven't
> been on Direct Connect much lately, but I have never
> had much luck finding Midnight Oil shows there.
> Perhaps if we all could agree on a hub to meet at we
> may have some luck trading shows.
> Must of the bootleg trading sites only allow trading
> of shn files and require that no mp3 sources be used.
> Because shn files are huge that pretty much restricts
> the trading to those of you with high speed internet
> access (unless someone knows of a mp3 bootleg trading
> hub).
> Software for converting wav files to shn can be found
> at
> http://home.att.net/~mkw/mkwact.html
> to download Direct Connect software go to
> http://www.networkingfiles.com/FileShar/Directconnect.htm
> If anyone is interested let me know and I will search
> for a good existing hub to use as our home base.  I
> don't know how to start a hub of our own, but that may
> be possible too.
> If some of you are already meeting somewhere on Direct
> Connect please let me know!
> Brett
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