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[Powderworks] CD-R's dying

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly@deadheart.org.uk
Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:05:59 +0000 (GMT)

On Feb 24, jccuneo@mail.bellsouth.net wrote:

> >I read a recent article (somehwere, can't bloody remember where now) which
> >suggested that 10% of DVDs will decompose. It cited a few specific DVDs
> >which people have reported as already decomposing.
> Well that sounds like a manufacturing defect that needs to be corrected.  I
> would love to see the article if you can find it - I have not heard of a
> failure rate for DVDs anywhere near that. 10% failure rate is not that
> good.  That being said I have ~300 DVDs and had only one unreadable disc in
> the bunch.

The article is here:
The value of 10% was added during the article submission to Slashdot - I
was an alarmist and picked up on it! Still, there original article is

> I have a good number of those old Oily CDs, and can't remember having any
> that will not play.  I would not be terribly surprised if one of those
> vintage '87 or '88 CDs refused to play, though.  Have you tried a different
> player?  Some of those CDs get picky about what players will let them work
> right.

I tried 3 different CD players. My own CD deck, the CD-ROM drive in my
desktop PC, and the CD-ROM drive in my work laptop. No audio playback on
any of them. Thankfully I've got the tracks on other CDs.

Maurice R. Kelly