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[Powderworks] CD-R's dying

Jacques Cuneo jccuneo@bellsouth.net
Sun, 23 Feb 2003 22:51:13 -0600

Typical CDs and DVDs will *not* oxidize and die.  CD-Rs are a different
animal because they use a dye of sorts to achieve the readable pattern.

Commercial CDs and DVDs are made using stamped aluminum.  All aluminum is
already oxidized, per se.  Aluminum is one of those metals that actually
oxidizes so quickly is forms a protective layer over itself (conversely,
iron's problem is that is oxidizes slowly, allowing for oxygen to continue
to get in).  Some early CDs had have some polymer problems or problems with
adhesion of polymer to aluminum.  Those problems have long been solved.
Unless you get unlucky and get a defective CD or DVD, those should last a

I hope that sets your mind at ease.


>   Following on from the thread the other week about  CD's oxidising and
>becoming pretty much RS after 10 years ......   Does this mean the same is
>likely to happen with  DVD's. I'm assuming it does.   Matt