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[Powderworks] Birthday!!

The Monkey Family julian@monkeyfamily.freeserve.co.uk
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 14:47:34 +0100

I also share my birthday with PG, 16th April. And also with my gandad, who 
will be 95 this year (despite the fact that he already thinks he is 100) when 
Pete turns 50 and I turn 26...any numerologists want to work out a 
significance to these seemingly random numbers?


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>Wow, Magnus, what an amazing coincidence, because PG and I also share
>birthdays and middle names (Ellen)...isn't that amazing!  - Beth
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>Cheryl wrote:
>>Hey Everyone -
>>it's Martin's birthday today!!  woohoo!!  Happy >Birthday, Martin!!
>Cool, not only do I have the same name as Martin (yes, Magnus is his
>middle name) I also have the same birthday (Feb 17th)
>I'd say it's close to 30 here in the Whitsundays at the moment, not
>missing snow much!
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