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[Powderworks] Looking for shows...(and)...bootlegging adventures...

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Kind of a mute point now, isn't it? ;-)

In any case, the bathroom in New Orleans had an attendant., so hiding it 
there wasn't much of an option.  Cost me $3 to get 2 aspirin before the 

Take care.


>I passed up recording the Hollywood 3-21-2002 show due to the use of metal 
>detectors at the door but, did observe the searches and figured out ways 
>around this...
>Later on, at the Portland Roseland Theatre 5-9-2002, they were using the 
>airport type walk-through metal detectors so, I had to put my new 
>contingency plan in effect.
>Attached to the Roseland Theatre is the Roseland Cafe...where you can 
>dine, have a few drinks, etc. before showtime.  So, 1/2 hour before the 
>show entry started I went into the cafe then to the bathroom and stashed 
>my recording gear in the trashcan(!!!).  I then went outside and broke 
>into the front of the line (sorry, everyone but, I got $600 or so of eq in 
>a trash can I had better get to...and fast).  Went through the metal 
>detectors (totally clean) then to retrieve my eq. (still there...thank 
>god!!!) and then into the show.  A very desparate move on my part that 
>work out very well.
>Sometimes a venue has a in/out policy and rarely check the people 
>returning...that is another way to get past the metal detectors...could 
>have done this at Hollywood but, would have missed the 1st two songs or 
>so.  They did not start the in/out's until after MidOil was on.  Another 
>way walk up to security with your cellphone in one hand and the eq. in the 
>sleeve of your jacket (same hand as the cellphone is in).  They will pass 
>up going over that hand (hold it way out) since the cellphone is obviously 
>going to set it off...that worked for a friend recently at a NMOC show.
>The SF Warfeild theatre pats down very hard but, they stop at the knees 
>so...can get into that one by stashing the eq in my socks at the ankles.
>At any rate...if in doubt...watch the security doing their checks and you 
>will find a flaw to take advantage of...I also have an "expendable 
>attitude" when it come to my eq. since I have already gotten so much use 
>out of it and this attitude resulted in my recording at point blank range 
>(dead center...right up front) whereever possible...
>All the other places (esp. the rest of the Western Can-Am and US midwest 
>tours)were no problem at all...
>PS...am being delayed in CD-R copying...very bad weather has made access 
>to my CD-R collection impossible...can not open my storage locker without 
>a deluge ruining all the stereo eq. in there...will start next 
>Monday...sooner, if possible...
>David A. Brass  Arcata, California
>  The Oilman <TheOilman@new.rr.com> wrote:
>Jacques, where's your sense of adventure, heck they had pat down AND metal
>detectors at one of the shows in Chicago!
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> > James,
> >
> > I second the call for the New Orleans Show. I was there as well (got a
> > setlist, too ;-).
> >
> > The one thing I do remember is that they patted everyone down before you
> > could go in. Kinda glad I didn't try to bring anything like that in.
> > Maybe someone braver than I did.
> >
> > The encore with Will Hoge and the Oils is something I will remember for a
> > long, long time. A very nice memory to remember the band by.
> >
> > Take care.>
> > Jacques
> >
> > >Hello all. I was just wondering if anyone out there might have these two
> > shows I'm looking for. They are the only two shows of the Oils I attended
> > that I haven't been able to get copies of. The first (which was my first
> > ever Oils show) is St. Louis Riverport Ampitheater in September of '93. I
> > don't know the exact date. The second is New Orleans House Of Blues on
> > Nov. 11, 2001. This was an awesome show where the Oils brought opening
> > band Will Hogg out for the final song where the jammed together Neil
> > Young's "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World." I still have the lyric sheet
> > they put on stage for it! Sweat stains and all from the dripping Peter.
> > Memories...
> > >
> > >If anyone has either of these, please contact me off list.
> > >James
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