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[Powderworks] What are we here for?

Jeff McLean jeffm@jeack.com.au
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 11:01:26 -1000

Hi All,

Yeah, I'm with you Bruce and Kate and others.  Even though some of these
threads are pretty lame (to me) and very deletable, it doesn't take a great
deal of work to go down the list of new mails, select every mail that has
NMOC in front of it, and press the delete button once.

Then we don't have the problem of people that are "just too busy in this
day and age" to worry about reading our mindless drivel.

Just remember the NMOC (something I'm not always really good about I'll
admit), and keep postin'...


>Greetings Clan Powder,
>I'm with Kate and the rest on this. If it gets a bit tedious reading about
VCD, DVD, Weeds, LSD, STD's or whatever, I just press delete. I don't have
to read or even remotely understand that stuff. But it's meaningful to
somebody, or it wouldn't make cyberspace.
>I've learned tons about the Oils on Powderworks. Many of their lyrics make
way more sense now. Knowing about the band also helps understand their
message, if one can speak of the Oils having a 'message' per se. But I've
also been challenged to think about the Oils and other stuff - some Oily,
some just human - differently through discussions here and on
Powderpolitics. A lot of time we don't agree, but c'est la vie. God knows
it's been fun.
>It'd be too bad if outspoken guys like Bjorn left because they "couldn't
stand the weather."  Why not just delete it and keep on? I deleted more
than half of the 64 messages this am. But I have to admit I got a real kick
out of the snow plough thread, in a gloating kind of way   ;)
>Warm wishes from the balmy plains,
>bruce in calgary
>BTW - Hey Eastern types, if I ever complain about weather again '...as
sure as I stand on this place, may lightning strike and leave no
traaaaaaaaaaace!' Watch your backs when you're sloughing through that
bloody mess.
> Kate Parker Adams <kate@dnki.net> wrote:Because many of us still like
talking to each other.
>We like to chat about the Oils, and we like to chat about all the things 
>they stand for that brought us all to this place. We like to find out how 
>life is in other places and bitch or gloat about the weather year-round.
>When we travel, we like to meet up and break bread or drink beer and swap 
>stories and grow friendships. Help each other paint our new homes and 
>crash with three cats per futon. Feed berry smoothies and peanut butter 
>sandwiches to the youngsters and girlchat for a couple of hours until the 
>Peace Train heads back north. That sort of thing.
>If that is not your speed, so be it. Entirely understandable. But this is 
>a wonderful community regardless - I'll be hanging around until the party 
>is over.
>At 07:37 PM 2/17/03 -0800, James Warren wrote:
>>I checked the Powderworks today, and 22 of 30 messages were NMOC 
>>messages. It depressed me to see so many messages that having to do with 
>>a band that doesn't exist any more.
>>-J. Warren
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