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SV: [Powderworks] What are we here for?

Jane R bunge91@hotmail.com
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:27:51 +1100

Thought that was pretty obvoius why we are here. Just cause the Oils have 
split doesnt mean we cant support the individual or collective efforts of 
the guys.
If Rob is playing in a pub somewhere, if Jim is gonna release a Fuzz Face CD 
and maybe do some dates, if Pete is gonna talk at a peace march, or if 
Martin, Rob, Jim and Bones decide to get into a studio I want to know. If I 
cant be there, I want to hear from people who were. And when the time comes 
I want to know where I can buy the CDs. This lists collective knowledge is 
amazing. I'll be hanging around for a while.


>From: "Bjorn Blomquist" <bjorn.blomquist@mbox301.swipnet.se>
>To: <powderworks@cs.colorado.edu>
>Subject: SV: [Powderworks] What are we here for?
>Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 12:52:11 +0100
> > On Feb 18, Kate Parker Adams wrote:
> >
> > > >I checked the Powderworks today, and 22 of 30 messages were NMOC
> > > >messages.  It depressed me to see so many messages that
> > having to do
> > > >with a band that doesn't exist any more.
>I am surprised to find THAT many messages about a band that does not
>longer exist - and in fact most of the messages do NOT deal with the
>band. (I wouldn't say that 8 out of 30 are many.) THAT fact doesn't
>surprise me though. What Oils news is there today and in the future?
> > So can we try to keep things reasonably on-topic?
>Well, that can be proved difficult. There will never be a new Midnight
>Oil album to argue about. And do we really want to go back to the old
>ones just to have something to discuss?
>Come on, what do you think about their first album? Which is the best
>song on it? etc...
>Maybe it's finally time to leave this list... I'm thinking about it.
>I don't mind sports, but Australian professional... Errm?!?
>  - Drop Bush, not bombs! -
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