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[Powderworks] Re; LMOC - Aussie Sports !

The Turtle turtleoz@hotmail.com
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 23:12:26 +1100

Randy & all Powderworkers

Some of you may recall that Pete made mention of the mighty South Sydney 
Rabbitohs (Rugby League) in either the Sydney State Theatre show or @ the 
pre-Capricornia release shows at the Metro.

The Rabbits after a 2 year forced hiatus due to the greed & power of Rupert 
Murdoch won re-entry after taking News Ltd & the National Rugby League to 
court, losing then appealing and gaining re-entry to the competition they 
co-founded in 1908.

Souths are seen as being from the 'lower' socio-economic end of the scale 
and Pete made mention of the fact that it was a major victory for the good 
guys and we should thank our lucky stars that we have people like the 
saviours of Souths to fight for what's right !

Save to say that alot of rugby league & sports fans in general, hold a soft 
spot for the Rabbits, including Peter.

Red & Green are the colours.
A Rabbit is the mascot/logo/emblem.
Rupert Murdoch lost his first ever court case in Australia to them.
They have won the most premierships !
Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise & Martina Navratalova are supporters to name a few
They are a foundation club!
They are "The Pride of the League"
They hopefully now have a few hundred more international supporters 
including Randy !

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