Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] OILS AWAY.............

Rumor63@aol.com Rumor63@aol.com
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 02:13:18 EST

   I just got done quoting MO lyrics to my stressed out kids that have been 
watching the news.  Right before I logged on and read the posts............I 
told my 19 year old son, (he used to put in Deisel and Dust every morning on 
the way to kindergarten)
  That it was better to die on his feet than to live on his knees.   I told 
my daughter that there is a condensed history lesson in listening to the 
Oils.  I sat next to what I call "My Oils Shrine" and Hoped to God that Peter 
still has the will to work for the Good of the world..........I feel 
comforted knowing that the Oils and people like them exist in the world.   
When Im scared  and uncertain.....I think of the Oils and all the Strength 
and  Hope and Optimism they have given me and still do.   
    Im considering getting my first tatoo.  I hate tattoos. I could never 
think of anything I would want on my body the rest of my life.... I think 
after 20 years  I finally found somthing that would be worthy.  It would be 
an honor to have Midnight Oil Inked into my skin forever!!!    People think 
Im a nut...And I pity your sad existence if you dont know or understand what 
the Oils have done and still try to do.  I could go on and 
on................but I wont. We all have to stop within reason!!!    Just 
basically wanted to say I relate to all your posts.  We all feel good for 
knowing them. I feel a strange security in knowing them.  Hope some of you 
       Take Care all..........Im always lurking...........  Linda