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[Powderworks] tech question: Black CDRs???

Terry Johnson tenacious@cyberback.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 06:50:12 -0600

Each CD/DVD player is different.  The manufacturer of the CD-R makes a
difference in compatibility.  You have to match the right media to the right
player.  This includes 'color', but more importantly it depends on the
manufacturers.  It has been my experience that most DVD players will
recognize black CD-Rs made by all the manufacturers.  However, I have some
Memorex media that isn't recognized in my Memorex burner!  There are places
on the internet that gives lists of known compatibilities.

As far as what the best 'color' media is... not everyone is switching to
black.  Gold is still a decent type, and practically (if not all?) 40x and
faster CD-Rs produced are silver.  There was a platinum format for a while,
but I can tell you they didn't come close to lasting 10 years--more like 3!!

Slipping back into obscurity...

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I wonder  if these will work on my DVD as at the moment i cannot watch VCD's
recorded on CDR's? Does anyone know if this may work?

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