Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC Warning : Political drivel content.... Impeach the Pres,

Dave Schultz dschultz29@hotmail.com
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 12:49:51 -0500

Hi all,

I couldn't agree more. Let's keep political crapola, where it doesn't relate 
to the Oils, on it's own list. And no, it doesn't relate to the Oils if you 
try to shoehorn _their_ lyrics to justify _your_ political stance, and 
assume their stance is the same ('cause assuming makes an ass of u and me).

Cheers,                                Dave

P.S. Mind you, this Canadian is four-square behind Bush, Blair and Howard, 
is ashamed (again) by his Prime Minister's mealy-mouthed spineless crap, and 
thinks the idea of petitions to try to impeach a President -who won an 
overwhelming mandate for his policies in open elections in the most free and 
open mass media society in the world, just, oh, 3 months ago- because you 
happen to disagree with his policies (the same, I must emphasize, your 
fellow intelligent & informed citizens & countrymen very much support), is 
hypocritical antidemocratic bullshit of the first rank. But that's just my 
opinion, mind you. [End rant]

>From: Dan Brunner <dmanwi@yahoo.com>
>Your comments kind of loose their credibility when you
>start the name-calling.
>While I appreciate the posts to this list regarding
>issues directly related to the Oils past political
>statements, I would prefer if posters would refrain
>from espousing their political
>opinions/interpretations to the list.  Try to apply
>Oils lyrics to the situation
>Some suggestions:
>1.  Keep it short.  1-2 sentences or maybe a link to
>another site
>2.  When posting a follow-up, reply directly to the
>original post and not the list.  If it relates
>directly to the band fine.
>3.  Deal with the issue.  There is no need for
>personal attacks.
>3.  Don't post it unless you can apply Oils lyrics to
>it.  And NO, you can't apply US Forces lyrics to every
>US policy/actions you deem inappropriate.
>Yours truly, another 'completely stupid wanker'.
>P.S.  I know the sharing of opinions is a great thing
>for society and it isblahumblahigblahblah, blah, blah.
>  And yes, I do know how to use the delete button.
>--- Luke Blackbourn <lblackbourn@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Just for a start, the following book shows how
>wonderfully the US Govt & its unaccountable executive
>agency managed to spread democracy & freedom to
>Central America & the Middle East during the 1980s by
>funding terrorist organisations & installing &
>assisting dictators who terrorised & killed their own
>people. It's by Bob Woodward, probably one of the most
>famous journalists in the world, so he backs
>everything up with evidence. For those who have the
>time & want to do some research- try & find out what
>agency assisted the Ba'ath Party (most famous member-
>Saddam) in gaining power in Iraq- gee, what a
>surprise- the CIA! It is a real shame that ordinary
>people have to always bear the brunt on both sides, &
>that the Pres who managed to avoid Vietnam can't go
>over & show us how brave he is. What a completely
>stupid wanker.
>Veil: The Secret Wars of the C. I. A., 1981-1987
>There are many more books that cover these issues if
>you want to look, Woodward is a limited & relatively
>sedate account. >From: Lina Yune >To:
>jeffm@jeack.com.au >CC: Powderworks Oil List
> >Subject: Re: [Powderworks] Warning : Political drivel
>content.... Impeach the Pres, >Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003
>04:48:58 +1100 (EST) > > >Jeff, >Welcome back. Nice to
>see your posts on Powderworks again.. I really enjoyed
>reading your travel journals, and have not ever
>deleted them. >Now remember, when you mention
>"Nuclear", make sure to pronounce it "Nucular". I am
>sorry to be snappy, but our president seems like
>having a difficult time pronouncing words. Each time
>he announces "Nucular", makes me cringe.... >I am sure
>that Saddam has to go, but it has to be done
>internally, not the whole war. It has to be surgical
>operation, not war! US has to be diplomatic enough, to
>make their own people get rid of him. Remember Curds?
>US never came to their help, when they got gassed. US
>also gave Iraq weapons to fight mullahs in Iran. Now
>we are crying eh? We helped create that monster, now
>we don't know how to get rid of it. Just like Taliban.
>We also created them, to fight Russia. >My $0.01 >Lina
> >...Hanoi girl dries dark hair in a breeze >When the
>money gets here she'll have no time to breathe
>(Backsliders) > >... (Backsliders..) > >Jeff wrote: >
>So, back to the point, here we are, going in AGAIN,
>and openly contemplating >using our own Nuclear
>Warheads (God Bless the side of the righteous and
> >free!!!) on "weapons installations" in Iraq. > > > >
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