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[Powderworks] NMOC Warning : Political drivel content.... Impeach the Pres,

Dan Brunner dmanwi@yahoo.com
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 12:49:30 -0800 (PST)

Your comments kind of loose their credibility when you
start the name-calling.  

While I appreciate the posts to this list regarding
issues directly related to the Oils past political
statements, I would prefer if posters would refrain
from espousing their political
opinions/interpretations to the list.  Try to apply
Oils lyrics to the situation   

Some suggestions:
1.  Keep it short.  1-2 sentences or maybe a link to
another site 
2.  When posting a follow-up, reply directly to the
original post and not the list.  If it relates
directly to the band fine.
3.  Deal with the issue.  There is no need for
personal attacks.
3.  Don't post it unless you can apply Oils lyrics to
it.  And NO, you can't apply US Forces lyrics to every
US policy/actions you deem inappropriate.

Yours truly, another 'completely stupid wanker'.

P.S.  I know the sharing of opinions is a great thing
for society and it isblahumblahigblahblah, blah, blah.
 And yes, I do know how to use the delete button.

--- Luke Blackbourn <lblackbourn@hotmail.com> wrote:


Just for a start, the following book shows how
wonderfully the US Govt & its unaccountable executive
agency managed to spread democracy & freedom to
Central America & the Middle East during the 1980s by
funding terrorist organisations & installing &
assisting dictators who terrorised & killed their own
people. It's by Bob Woodward, probably one of the most
famous journalists in the world, so he backs
everything up with evidence. For those who have the
time & want to do some research- try & find out what
agency assisted the Ba'ath Party (most famous member-
Saddam) in gaining power in Iraq- gee, what a
surprise- the CIA! It is a real shame that ordinary
people have to always bear the brunt on both sides, &
that the Pres who managed to avoid Vietnam can't go
over & show us how brave he is. What a completely
stupid wanker.

Veil: The Secret Wars of the C. I. A., 1981-1987
There are many more books that cover these issues if
you want to look, Woodward is a limited & relatively
sedate account. >From: Lina Yune >To:
jeffm@jeack.com.au >CC: Powderworks Oil List 
>Subject: Re: [Powderworks] Warning : Political drivel
content.... Impeach the Pres, >Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003
04:48:58 +1100 (EST) > > >Jeff, >Welcome back. Nice to
see your posts on Powderworks again.. I really enjoyed
reading your travel journals, and have not ever
deleted them. >Now remember, when you mention
"Nuclear", make sure to pronounce it "Nucular". I am
sorry to be snappy, but our president seems like
having a difficult time pronouncing words. Each time
he announces "Nucular", makes me cringe.... >I am sure
that Saddam has to go, but it has to be done
internally, not the whole war. It has to be surgical
operation, not war! US has to be diplomatic enough, to
make their own people get rid of him. Remember Curds?
US never came to their help, when they got gassed. US
also gave Iraq weapons to fight mullahs in Iran. Now
we are crying eh? We helped create that monster, now
we don't know how to get rid of it. Just like Taliban.
We also created them, to fight Russia. >My $0.01 >Lina
>...Hanoi girl dries dark hair in a breeze >When the
money gets here she'll have no time to breathe
(Backsliders) > >... (Backsliders..) > >Jeff wrote: >
So, back to the point, here we are, going in AGAIN,
and openly contemplating >using our own Nuclear
Warheads (God Bless the side of the righteous and
>free!!!) on "weapons installations" in Iraq. > > > >
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