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[Powderworks] Questions from the edge of the powderworks list

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Mon, 03 Feb 2003 09:07:30 -0600


Don't know about your first question, but as for the second I do remember 
that two of the Beds mixes are very similar.  If I am not mistaken those 
two are almost exactly the same.  Same mix with a 2 second difference in 
length.  Never was able to figure out what those 2 seconds were.

Take care.


>I have been lingering on the edge of this years, on and off, for years now
>and I figure its time I said something. Really what I am after is some info.
>The first concert that I ever went to of the mighty Oils was at the palace
>in Melbourne Wed 18th September 1996. This concert was recorded and bits of
>it are on the 20000 Watt DVD and on the B-side to Surf's Up Tonight. Does
>anyone know if the whole concert has ever been broadcast or made available
>Another question, I found an old record (with very little info as to its
>origin, although it looks like my Interchords Diesel and Dust record) that
>has two remixes of Beds are Burning - the Kintore East Version and the
>Yuendumu Percapella Mix - and a Long Version of Dead Heart. These remixes
>are good but I have also heard of a Tamarama Mix of Beds, can anyone tell me
>where this mix can be found and if it is very different to Kintore East
>Version as they are both (from what I can tell) very similar in length.
>Thanks everyone,
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