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[Powderworks] hope for tomorrow

The Mattrix soberman_69@hotmail.com
Sun, 02 Feb 2003 01:34:59 -0500


     The newest Paste magazine is out this week. Paste is a magazine that 
started as a website devoted to artists of faith.  Since becoming a magazine 
bearing the tagline "Signs of Life in Music and Culture", they have shifted 
their focus to include any thoughtful or intellignet or even simply honest 
and heart-felt music in their coverage.  And they've just started selling 
"Capricornia", calling it "all the more special" in light of the band's 
"recent demise".

    THE BIG NEWS here is that they also have a full color ad for 
"Capricornia", sandwiched between ads for the new Willie Nelson CD and the 
Festival of Faith & Music hosted by Clavin College, that literally reads 

    Possibly?  That's right..."possibly".  What does Mason Munoz know that 
we don't?  Hmmmmmm...

    Shame on WXPN's program director for not naming "Capricornia" as a best 
of 2002 release.  Stoopid hipster.  (Although Norah Jones is da bomb.)

    Other news from the issue: Something for Kate are releasing a CD in 
America, "Echolalia", as are New Zealand's Garageland, who sound decent on 
the included CD.

    Andy and C-ko, they also feature a tour of Seattle.  Beth, they review 
Hayao Miyazaki's amazing "Spirited Away".

     Oh, and Pete, plenty of artists get DVD-Audio releases posthumously, 
but we still won't see more DTS Oils unless everyone goes out and buys 
Capricornia.  Borders books will specal order it.  Half.com sells it 
starting @ $16.

arrest the decay,


     THat's right

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