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Sorry for the late reply guys, I was on holiday and didn't get a chance
to wade through the 270 list messages waiting for me till now!

MCG is 20,000 square metres, Rhode Island is 3,143,000,000 square 
metres, so you can fit around 157,000 MCGs into Rhode Island.

They're clearing 32 MCGs every hour of every day, which is equivalent 
to roughly one Rhode Island every 29 weeks.

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> For those not of US origin, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the
> US. 
> At only 1,212 square miles (3150 square km) it is frequently used as
> a unit 
> of measure when one wants to emphasize how large something is since
> it is, 
> after all, the size of a whole US state!  For instance, one single
> forest 
> fire in my native Oregon last summer burned an area nearly two-thirds
> that 
> of Rhode Island (never mind that at least three Oregon counties are
> at 
> least the size of Massachusetts ...).
> This makes for sensational press on the eastern seaboard where states
> are 
> small, population is high, and many people live entirely indoor lives
> and/or rarely leave the neighborhood of their birth. My mother in
> law, 
> Boston born and bred, will call me up and say things like "be very
> careful 
> when you go out there and visit your parents ... I hear that fire in 
> Ary-gone is almost the size of Rhode Island!" - never mind that it is
> 400km 
> from anywhere I planned to be.
> At 08:48 PM 1/2/03 +1030, Anna Offler wrote:
> >Kate,
> >Dont know about Rhode island but 1 MCG is probably about 1 and a
> half 
> >Yankee standiums. A large sporting arena indeed! It is to most
> Australians 
> >as Wembley is/was to England or Yankee Stadium to the US, Sydney
> excepted 
> >as they play that game where men with no necks and brains jump on
> each other.
> >The main standium for the 1954 Olympics.
> >A place where Pete's beloved Bombers play( sorry Pete being from Sth
> Aus 
> >we are one eyed Crows fans and may the Crows be playing there next
> September).
> >
> >See website 
> ><http://www.mcg.org.au/Redesign/about.htm>http://www.mcg.org.au/Rede
> sign/about.htm
> >
> >Lew and Anna