Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Capitol, Goat & Justin

Powderlurker . powderlurker at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 14 23:00:04 MST 2003

Hi all,

I've been locked down for a few months (had to go into self-imposed exile) 
sweating over a job (just finished last Friday, actually!) but one little 
bit of juicy news dropped in this morning, so I thought I'd better hook up 
with the workers, again, asap...

ABC radio 702 has some details on the upcoming OILS DVD this morning. 
Apparently (I got this second hand, BTW) Oils are doing a general call for 
memorabilia and interesting anecdotes regarding the Goat Island and Capitol 
Gigs, to be considered for use in the package. One other thing... apparently 
they're searching for the master multi-track tapes for the last 4 songs of 
the Goat Island gig (?¿? I would have thought the Capitol ones would have 
been more fragmented) as it looks like they've gone 'astray'.

Did anyone else hear this... get more details... have Multi-track Masters to 
i was told the rough semblance of an email address this morning but maybe 
Justin can provide more accurate info?


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