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[Powderworks] More silliness: Oily earworms?

Andy Gillcrist andrewg at nwlink.com
Sun Dec 14 22:44:53 MST 2003

Ooo mow ma mow mow, ooo mow ma mow mow, ooo mow ma mow mow, ooo mow ma
mow mow, ooo mow ma mow ma mow mow ma mow ma mow mow ma mow ma mow mow
ma mow!
    Andy, currently afflicted with the chorus of Earth and Sun and Moon.
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Heya heya heya ho o Heya Heya Heya ho o Heya Hey

-Kate (trying desperately to exorcise and exercise-induced Milkshake

At 09:59 PM 12/14/03 -0500, Beth Curran wrote:

Sitting here copying for my part of the Oils Live tree (2/3 done and
counting&.damn, this is boring).  Anyway, Ive got a miserable earworm
problem today.  (Earworm piece of a song you cant get out of your head,
the worst one in Western civilization undoubtedly being Its a Small
World).  Its the chorus of Waiting for Supermanby the Flaming Lips,
which I heard on the radio and now am seemingly powerless to rid myself
of.  Are there any earworms in the Oils songs? - Beth

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