Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] least favourite song per album

Graeme Qewe mortenwebstar2 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 11 17:04:59 MST 2003

This least favourite song selection got me thinking, which song would you 
Powderworkers choose as the least favourite per album.

Yes I now it's torture, and many of the songs I choose here, are songs I 
truly love, but it could be fun :-)

01. Powderworks
02. Cold Cold Change
03. No Times For Games
04. Quinella Holiday
05. Only The Strong
06. Best Of Both Worlds
07. Progress
08. Beds Are Burning
09. Shakers And Movers
10. Tell Me The Truth
11. Home
12. Redneck Wonderland or What Goes On

Ok, I'm ready to take all your criticism for my selections (I guess my 
disliking of the 'famous' songs really shows through!) - but know, that I do 
love most songs listed here.

All in all, I guess Shakers And Movers, Tell Me The Truth and Home are the 
only songs I don't really like. I didn't include Scream In Blue and The Real 
Thing because I don't remember how each live track was on that particular 
release. And honestly I haven't heard all of Capricorna, so I don't chose 
from that either.

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