Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] The Worst Midnight Oil Song

simon tracy plumpandmoist at yahoo.com.au
Thu Dec 11 16:19:45 MST 2003

The Oils changed with ESM as they had done so often
before, from Postcard to 10-1, Red Sails to D&D (with
Species in between) and from Blue Sky to the earthier,
organic sounds of ESM, it is a triumph of quality song
writing, lyrics that dared to be personal and self
depreciatory (a first for the Oils) and a band that
was content with themselves. One of my favourites,
although they really should have released Renaissance
Man as the single rather than Truganini.

 --- Jeff and Jane Scott <jscott at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Mine would have to be "What Goes On".
> Other lowlights include "Capricornia" (the track not
> the album), Scream In
> Blue (the album) and Earth and Sun and Moon (the
> track AND a lot of the
> album!)
> jeff...
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