Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] The Worst Midnight Oil Song/Bakerman

Greg Henderson vorrox at maxis.net.my
Wed Dec 10 22:25:09 MST 2003

In all fairness, I tend to agree about Bakerman. I only mentioned
Bakerman because it's probably the most politcally correct suggestion -
it's the least Oilish of all the Oils toonz, thus the least likely to
cause newbie backlash :) I'm a bit sensitive y'know y'know ...

A few people have mentioned Capricornia - I'd be more inclined to go
with a song like that. Capricornia seems to be the culmination of a
gathering lyrical rot that first appeared on Red Sails - a stiffness in
the way the words and music worked together, a dorky earnestness to get
meaning into the song. There was such an ingenious flow before Red
Sails, even on songs where the lyrics weren't so intelligible, they
invariably flowed and *sounded* cool. Something musta happened in Japan
... not to say that they lost their lyricflow altogether after Red Sails
- certainly not - just that this other 'stiff' thing seemed to arrive.
Set up those gunsights in HG Wells backyard. Capricornia, for me, is the
culmination of this thing.

Yours brazenly opinionatedly ....


Heidi Shenk wrote:
> I really don't think that there are any Oils songs that I don't like.  In
> fact, I've had other Oils fans laugh at me about this because we'll be
> talking about particular songs and it doesn't matter what it is, every time
> it seems like I say, 'Oh, I love that song!!'  Anyways...I like
> Bakerman...and I like a lot of the obscure songs just as much as the
> 'normal' ones (if any Oils songs are normal).  I tried to ask Rob about how
> Bakerman came about when he did that online forum a while back, because I
> really do like the song (especially the demo version) and I know that he's
> the one that wrote it.  He wouldn't answer the question though...I don't
> know if it was because he was embarassed by the song or what (just thinking
> this might be the case since I've heard a lot of people bash it), but in my
> opinion it's fun and it's great and I love it! :)
> Heidi
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> From: Greg Henderson <vorrox at maxis.net.my>
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> Subject: [Powderworks] The Worst Midnight Oil Song
> Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 03:57:38 +0800
> OK, I know it's not exactly an Oilhead's favourite subject, and being a
> newbie I don't know if it's been asked before, but I want to pop the
> question anyways.
> So Powderworkers, in your opinion, what is The Worst Midnight Oil song
> of all time?
> Bakerman?
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