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[Powderworks] Rob's plans for 2004

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This is so cool!!!!!!!!

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> http://www.undercover.com.au/news/2003/20031210_robhirst.html
> 2003 may have been the year that Midnight Oil broke up but for drummer /
> historian Rob Hirst there is still a lot of oil to burn. Next year will be
> busy for Rob with both new and old music taking up most of his time.
> Includes will be never before scene Midnight Oil on DVD . "The DVD will
> the full collection of songs from a Capitol Theatre show that we played in
> 1982" Rob tells Undercover News. "I think we did five shows. Dave Bradbury
> was the cinematographer who captured it. It is really strong and we
> that with the Triple J Goat Island show (where fans were not told where
> we going, they were just put on a boat and we were the act), those two put
> together plus a bit of extra chat from me and Pete and some photos might
> a good DVD for mid next year".
> Rob also plans on getting back in the studio with a few old friends. "I
> really want to drag Martin (Rotsey) and Jim (Moginie) from Midnight Oil
> a studio and make some music of some kind" Rob says. "Jim has been doing a
> bit of recording on his own and Martin has been doing some recording on
> own and would like to do some recording under some name. It should be a
> really good year musically for us".
> That project is yet to be named. "We are calling ourselves The Remainder
> at the moment" he laughs.
> But wait, there's more. "I've made an album with Paul Green, athlete
> musician" he says. "It is quite a different album from The Backsliders. It
> is a poppy / fold kind of album with double vocals through all the songs
> a lot of melody and harmony. That has been a pleasurable process. We have
> done it together over the last 18 months and pieced it together. We have
> been recording it live and worked it up on Pro-Tools. That album is ready
> go for next year".
> Rob also became a successful author this year and he is up for a sequel.
> "Pan McMillan have asked for another book for next year but I've told them
> not to hold their breath because I'm a slow writer" he says. "Willie went
> well. It went into a third print run. People keep turning up after shows
> asking me to sign it so it must be out there".
> And if that's not enough, Rob, now a permanent member of The Backsliders,
> also features on the just released The Backsliders Live at the Basement
> The Backsliders will also play at the Melbourne International Blues and
> Music Festival in February.
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