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[Powderworks] Oils Goat Island and Capitol DVD

Hachkowski, Garrett ghachkowski at kpmg.ca
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You can also check out various players by a cheapo maker called
Apex...typically sold in Wal*Mart, Futureshop (for you Americans check out
BestBuy), and I think even Zellers on occasion...they play just about
everything made today except for DivX/XVid...non region specific...even
fairly compliant with -RW media....


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For all those in the US/Canada contemplating buying PAL DVD's etc, check out
this little beauty


I have one of these at home and have watched several PAL format, NZ/Aus
region encoded DVD's without any issues at all. And it does progressive
scan. I got mine 1 year ago for $60 at Best Buy


Mark Nash

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