Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] The Essential Midnight Oil - you choose

Bjorn Blomquist bjorn.blomquist at mbox301.swipnet.se
Mon Dec 8 05:26:29 MST 2003

Oilheads of the world,

During the recent past, we have seen a number of "Essential"
compilations coming out with acts like Leonard Cohen, The Clash, Simon &
Garfunkel and now Bruce Springsteen. Since these are releases from the
Sony/Columbia label I've got the idea: let's make an "Essential Midnight
Oil" album!

I want to give you some rules for doing this. EACH Midnight Oil album
should be represented with at least one song and AT MOST four songs (I
hate compilations where there are six songs from one album and only one
from another). It seems like at least the Clash and Springsteen
collections are made this way. Concerning the two EP:s, let's say one
song from each. It's up to you how you want to handle the live albums,
so for example you can leave out an album track and include a live
version of it instead, as long as there are only one version of each
song (one possibility to actually include 5 songs from one album!).
Personally I'd prefer no live tracks at all, but that's me... The
"Essential" collection should consist of two discs, about 75 minutes of
music on each. Let's list the songs in chronological order, because a)
it is the easiest way, and b) the released "Essential" compilations do
have the songs in chronological order - and also they are 2-cd sets.

Oilheads as we are, we won't bother with which songs are "hits" or not -
just choose the songs YOU think best represent the 25-year career of
Midnight Oil. Although personally I can't think of excluding "Beds are
burning", "Blue sky mine" and other obvious choices, but if you want to
leave the "big ones" out, then leave them out! (Of course thoses songs
would be included if there actually WERE an Essential release.)

Of course I had in mind to give my own "Essential" compilation first.
Here is one try...

1. Used and abused
2. Cold cold change
3. Koala sprint
4. Wedding Cake Island
5. Don't wanna be the one
6. Lucky country
7. Short memory
8. Scream in blue
9. US Forces
10. Power & the passion
11. Bakerman
12. Kosciusko
13. Harrisburg
14. When the generals talk
15. Hercules
16. Beds are burning
17. Sometimes
18. Put down that weapon
19. Dreamworld

1. Blue sky mine
2. King of the mountain
3. River runs red
4. Progress (live)
5. Earth & sun & moon
6. Truganini
7. My country
8. In the valley (MTV Unplugged)
9. Underwater
10. Surf's up tonight
11. Barest degree
12. Redneck Wonderland
13. Cemetery in my mind
14. White skin, black heart
15. Say your prayers
16. Golden age
17. Tone poem
18. Poets and slaves