Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils and Prog Rock

Michael mbtigger at charter.net
Fri Dec 5 21:21:23 MST 2003

  A shameful secret of mine is my devotion to the great prog bands of the 70's onwards (Yes, King Crimson, Van der Graf Generator, Jethro Tull etc) and I have always heard echoes of that style in the Oils music (particularly "10 ....1").

  Does anyone else here any link, or have I disappeared among my Cozmic Debris?

  HMMM - I would not call YES, Tull, or Crimson SHAMEFUL secrets. I am less familiar With Van der Graff Generator. I have been known to listen to "Thick as a Brick" upon occasion all the way through with the headphones on.  I think there is some "progressive" elements on 10..1 - in particular "Scream in Blue".  Other than that, I don't tend to notice it. Perhaps it is there, and I only notice it when it becomes VERY obvious.

  Now - Would my ELO albums qualify for Shameful Secrets? 
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