Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils Memoribilia

Glitch sena.reisenweaver at verizon.net
Fri Dec 5 20:37:19 MST 2003

I¹ve found the best source of memorabilia is this list itself.  From time to
time people have stuff to trade and I have gotten posters, b-sides,
T-shirts, etc. over the years from other Œworkers.
E-bay sometimes has stuff pop up.
Other than that, there aren¹t any hard and fast sources of stuff.

Oh, and I¹m listening to Seal and No Doubt.

got your last meal filled up with pesticide
hamburger chain third world infanticide
got robot car your job will disappear
it's called the politics of a brand new year
some say that's progress i say that's cruel

--midnight oil

> Hello fellow powderworkers,
> Does anyone know where to get any Oils memorebelia? (preferibily in Aust) such
> as t-shirts amd the like...
> I'm looking for some Oils T-Shirts and posters, and can't find seem to any
> anywhere...
> It would be greatly appereciated if you could assist in giving me some details
> of where i can find some oils stuff...
> Thanks
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