Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] What are you listening to?

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Wed Dec 3 19:29:10 MST 2003

Had to go out to my car and check..
Red Sails
Sailing to Philadelphia, Mark Knopfler
Absolutely, the Young Dubliners (hard to listen to this one when not
Dire Straits
Yes, I have more recent CDs.but you asked for the last 5.  Haven't
permitted myself to listen to the Oils Live Project CDs until I finish
copying for my branches.which reminds me...gotta get back to work!
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Thinking about Matts post (and no, I don't think you're being an
unfaithful dirtbag, there are plenty worse things you could do), here is
the last 5 cd's I have listened to.
Midnight Oil:  My Country single (with Koele Mai and the alternative
versions of Truganini and My Country)
Pink Floyd:  Dark Side of the Moon
Jewel:  Holiday Album
Oils Live:  Rare Disc #2
Rush:  2112
How about you? 

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