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[Powderworks] NML - not oils

Jane R bunge91@hotmail.com
Thu, 28 Aug 2003 15:42:36 +1000

I must admit its not a favourite of mine either. I dont know what the 
writer/producer was thinking getting the Oils to do that song. It lacks the 
whole 'Oil' sound. The drums sound really tinny,flat and electronic. Not the 
usual Rob Hirst powerhouse that we are used to. Not to mention the sheer 
lack of any guitar intricacies by Martin and Jim. I just think that if I 
were asking the Oils to do a song I would want to take full advantage of 
their expertise and sound to get people to actually by it in the first 


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>Subject: [Powderworks] NML - not oils
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 13:57:24 -1000
>Hi all,
>I just want to agree emphatically with Damien's comments.  NML was not a MO
>single, and one of the band members signed my single with this message -
>"This is not a Midnight Oil single."
>I think that speaks for itself.  Yeah, they agree with the Gaia cause, but
>having someone brand their own work as Midnight Oil, when the band just
>offered a few instruments and a voice, is NOT the way the oils work.  I
>think it is sad (whilst ironic) that a band who has gone to such great
>lengths to protect their work from profiteers has been taken for a ride on
>what is ostensibly their "last release" in the general public's eye.
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