Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Capricornia DTS

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly@deadheart.org.uk
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 15:38:20 +0100 (BST)


In case you're interested, Amazon.com are currently selling the DTS
version of Capricornia. It took a couple of weeks to arrive but I finally
got it recently.

Interestingly I was able to plonk it into my Sony CD player, and play it
through to my amplifier although only through an optical digital cable.
This fed straight into my amp which automatically detected DTS encoding
and played it back properly. (The lesson here being you don't (as I
presumed) need a DVD player, just a DTS capable amp and a digital
connection from CD to amp.)

Unfortunately I don't have a set of suround speakers yet - now I really
have to buy myself a set.


Maurice R. Kelly