Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Lyrics Error/Essential Content for P/works Posting

[name removed] example@example.com
Fri, 18 Apr 2003 14:43:35 +1000

Iv'e been a very busy young fellow Beth, did a little
tour with a gay all girl band! (i do make a very good
token lesbian! if i do say so myself). I also did a big
show with my own act and played a guest gig with
a cow girl band and also had this crazy Canadian
band  stay at my place for a week of drinking,
jamming and just good old fashioned fun! all of this
while working the day job right through the middle
so it was one hell of a month.

So that's why it's been a while between my extremely
relevant, cynical posts to this wonderful list.

and what have you been doing with your goodself?

>From: "Beth Curran" <bcurran@columbus.rr.com>
>To: "'Kate Parker Adams'" <kate@dnki.net>, <powderworks@cs.colorado.edu>
>Subject: RE: [Powderworks] Lyrics Error/Essential Content for P/works  
>Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 00:01:06 -0400

>Where ya been lately, Damien?

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