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[Powderworks] NMOC (Re: America a friend to all peaceful nations)

Kate Parker Adams kate@dnki.net
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:12:58 -0400

I will simply say that I know someone who was there when Allende was 
overthrown in Chile - go see the movie "Missing" for details of what became 
of his best friend.  I had a technician working for me a couple of years 
ago who had escaped from the death squads in Honduras on a tip from a 
neighbor (he was a dangerous person who thought he should get to vote) and, 
on his way to Mexico he spent time helping villagers burn bodies to prevent 
the spread of disease after a massacre.

These folks do make their living and life in the United States.  But I am 
tempted to e-mail them this "Friend to All" statement for comment.

At 06:43 PM 4/14/03 -0700, Dan Heaton wrote:
>(Note:  This would normally go on Powderpolitics, but
>the original message was here, so sorry to clog the
>inboxes with a non-Oils related reply)
>Dave, no need to apologize.  I don't agree with a
>boycott of all U.S. products. Being that I live here,
>it would only probably come back to hurt people like
>me. However, I agree with the general sentiment that
>many of our American corporations are not acting
>However, I do not really agree with this line:
>I'm a bit tired and not in the mood to go into a long
>response to it, but it's very simplistic and
>unfortunately misses some sad truths.  Yes, the U.S.
>has helped out other countries in need.  However, we
>have also killed innocents (for shaky goals), averted
>our eyes while other dictators murdered people because
>they were our "friends", and helped revolutions that
>did not end up aiding other nations.
>I'm not saying that we're the big evil and every other
>country is perfect.  However, the idea that we're the
>"champion of the free" and promote peace is not
>something I agree with.  How do you help peaceful
>nations by starting a war and killing people?
>Obviously just my opinion.  What do others think of
>the statement?
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