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[Powderworks] LMOC: Rob Hirst at children's achievement awards

Rhonda kayak@sympatico.ca
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 11:36:25 -0400

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Just found this in the Northern Rivers Echo Newspaper (Lismore) online....
<br><A HREF="http://www.echonews.com/914/index.html">http://www.echonews.com/914/index.html</A> (&amp; scroll down quite aways)
<p>As you can see, I'm still procrastinating....
<p><b>The Good Oil on Kids</b>
<p>Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst, with Kids in Community Awards organisers
Lynne Carr and Maria Kelly at the awards launch this week.
<p>Legendary Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst grew up surrounded by the love
of family and friends to help him achieve his dreams. When he decided to
give up an arts/law degree at university and a
<br>&nbsp;promising career as a lawyer to become a rock and roll performer,
he was amazed by the support from his dad.
<p>&nbsp;"My father hoped I'd complete the degree &shy; he couldn't, because
he went off to war," Rob said. He wanted to pursue his dream, and Midnight
Oil never gave up on their dream &shy; even if it took them more than two
decades to become an 'overnight success'.
<p>&nbsp;"By supporting me and letting me pursue a career in music, my&nbsp;
family showed the ultimate sign of love and support. I was really privileged,"
he said.
<p>Speaking at the launch of the Kids in Community (KIC) Awards, which
recognise the support and efforts of young people, Rob said he thought
it was much harder now for young people, especially when it comes to support
<p>&nbsp;"The stresses young people face today are far greater and that
makes it harder to achieve your dream. The Kids in Community Awards play
a vital role in recognising and supporting young people," he said.
<p>The KIC Awards cover seven different categories &shy; peer support,
community support, indigenous youth support, homeless youth support, against
all odds, mentor or role model, and community or individual supporting
youth or youth programs.
<p>This will be the third time the awards have been held locally.
<p>Awards committee member Lynne Carr said the stories to emerge have been
inspiring to all.
<p>"Past Award nominees and recipients have really opened our eyes as to
what "good" is happening in our community and how many young people are
involved in positive efforts and projects," she said.
<p>"The results of the Awards are two-fold. Firstly, it is vitally important
for us to recognise the effort these younger people exert and give them
every support. Secondly, any money raised from sponsorship for staging
these awards in excess of our needs is spread among community groups throughout
the region. Over the past two years the KIC Awards have enabled approximately
$10,000 to be donated to five community groups," Mrs Carr said.
<p>Nominations are now being sought for this year's Awards. Nomination
forms will appear in The Echo in coming weeks.
<p>Nominations close on June 2, and the presentation night will be on Tuesday,
June 24. Details on the Awards are available from Lynne Carr 6625 1195.