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[Powderworks] Paris Tickets.... HELP ??!!!

larrikin larrikin@lineone.net
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 07:31:18 +0100

Hi Again,

Would somebody on the list from France help me to obtain 2 tickets for the
Paris gig ?? 15-12-02

http://www.ticketnet.fr  constantly gives a sold out message :o((

And FNAC still has some tickets ,but will not send them outside France I
believe.( my French is not that great but I did some translation with
babelfish.altavista.com.....I'm Dutch btw )

HELP........anybody ???!

Needless to say that we ( my wife and me ) will pay for any costs you make
to get them , and we will generously rewarded you for your troubles with a
bonus of your choice !
Plus...... you will have our eternal gratitude ;o)

Please mail me off list.

Thanks for listening,


ps. I won't leave my pc until 11.00 BST , and will be back at 15:00 BST


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